Saturday, March 02, 2013

Tire Ottoman

Recycle Reuse Renew Mother Earth Projects has this amazing tutorial to make an ottoman from a used tire. Pretty easy and pretty amazing! So, now I'm roaming the internet for used tires :-)

What you Need:

  • Tires (or just one)
  • Hot Glue or SuperGlue
  • Caster Wheels or Furniture Legs ( optional )
  • PlyWood
  • Material of your Choice Leather, Cushions, rope (that's what I plan to use)
  • Screws
  • Drill

Step 1 Clean the tires and get off any grease off them inside and out. Do this outside as it can get messy

Step 2 Take your glue and glue the rope onto the sides of the tire

Step 3 Cut plywood to the size of your tire and drill them into place

Step 4 Now cover the tire with the material of your choice

Step 5 You can add caster wheels or legs but that's optional

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