Sunday, June 23, 2013

Saturday back home & more measuring tape chairs!

It has been ages since I’ve been back in The Netherlands, except for my trip to Tajikistan (flew through Amsterdam) I haven’t been home for more than a year I think. So when my best friend invited us for a living room folk ball we just had to go!
We got up at six just to make it in time to Utrecht. We had some great fun, some good drinks (see below.. that’s me!), and pizza from Mario’s!
In the early morning we went to the lapjesmarkt in Utrecht to get 11 m of fabric for the inner tent we have to make for our folding tent (this one). We succeeded to find a bright orange stripe for just 1 euro a meter (yaay). And we even found a nice fabric for our new chair project (keeping that one a secret for now).
The afternoon we spent at my friends place. She had four old chairs that resembled the one we re-did with those Ikea measuring tapes (link), and wanted to redo them just like we did. So we spent a couple of hours cutting measuring tapes and stapling them to her chairs. Note that Ginny’s (check her out here) chairs do have a grid pattern!
Ginny's measuring tape chair 1
Ginny's measuring tape chair 2

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