Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bread Box Charging Station

Now that would be something handy! I know Tom would be thrilled if I stopped asking him to find a cable for me. Although, for this to work for us, we will have to find a larger container (Tom has a tablet, and I have an e-reader).. To the second hand shop!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wall clock

Saw the post from Lieke about wanting a wall clock, so I went to the second hand shop and bought me some supplies.

I didn't get the piece of wood for the background, and I didn't paint, but I got something that I think works just as well:

Isn't he cute?
I also bought an old clock, hoping it would still work (and it did):
Ugly thing
In step 1 I unscrewed everything, so the lid came off and I had the clock itself:
Looks better without the lid than with...

Motor and hand, just pull them off
 In step 2 I superglued the motor part to the back of the painting, after having made a small X-incision in the center with a cutter:
Glue the clock, not your fingers
 And the finished result:
Tick tock

Hung it in the bathroom, since it fits
 After having hung it, I took off the hand for the seconds, since it was ticking very loudly. Who needs detailed timing anyway?

Pretty easy to do, and not all that bad looking either!


Busy weekend, but I'll quiet down during the week..

There is one wall in our place that Lieke has always had trouble with. "I want to decorate it, but I don't know how. Cupboards wouldn't fit." So I looked in her archives and found something she liked.

As I didn't see myself painting the wall, and there might be future renters in our place, I used a pencil. HB 0 for the people who care, because I believe someone once told me it gives off the dark stuff more readily. I'm sure a regular pencil would work just as well though.

The image I downloaded from the banksy website, put it in powerpoint so I could maximise it on my screen. Then I used a beamer to project the image onto the wall (close the curtains), so I could just colour in what I saw.

Beamer setup

Danger lurking, and also very curious about what's going to happen

Of course there was music, and this just fit perfectly for a while.

Beaming the image

Colouring the wall

Shading the beamer so I can see it works
View halfway with shading
And here is the result after two hours; I hope she approves..

My pencil got shorter than the others in the packet.. but one pencil was still plenty.

In closing, lessons learnt:
  • don't move the beamer, so get the cat outside
  • have a strong arm to hold the pencil high
  • pencils are fun because if you make a mistake, you can get an eraser
  • flat wallpaper works better than the wrinkly stuff we have, but this is also nice
  • images are not black and white, pencils allow shading, yay!
  • draw from left to right if you're right-handed. I didn't, and got some smudges (which I erased)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Clippy Scorpion vs Eraser Duck, who wins?

With Lieke gone for a while, I have the permission to do creative things and write them up on the blog as well...

I found this 9gag photo in my backlog of cool stuff, and decided to make it as well, so I included the items on my shopping list for today.

Here are my results (sorry for the grainy quality, Lieke has the good camera):

Poor little duck!

Friday, March 22, 2013

DIY Shoo Pimping

I've really been waiting to get my hands on some 3 euro shoos to pimp, and today I found them. Here are the before and afters! 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

DIY Animal Jar Tops

Some time ago I saw a couple of blog posts (don't ask me where), where the bloggers made/bought some very cure animal jar tops. The first thing I thought was that I could make these just as well. The very next time I was at the thrift store I dived into the toy section to find nothing. After a couple more weeks and thrift stores I finally found a bag of toy animals!

I cleaned then and painted them in several layers with water proof acrylic paint. I did not really know how to fix them on the lids of the jars. I started out by trying to screw an elephant leg to the lid of a peanut butter jar, and I failed miserably. Not only was it very hard to get several screws through the lid, it was impossible to get the screws into the elephants legs in such a way that they did not stick out. So, I decided on super-gluing the animals and the lids together. Even though I had my doubts in the beginning, and it took ages to dry, it turned out amazingly well! I would like to try this out with some dinosaurs too, to make some treat jars for Tom and his colleagues.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Paperblog Blogger of the Day & More!

Gosh! What a busy day! I'll explain everything.. but let's start with some big news, I've been named BLOGGER OF THE DAY by Paperblog, for those who don't believe this, here's the link! I can't even start to explain how exciting that is! So, I'll just bounce up and down for some time.

Ok, I've calmed down a little, but I'm not really calm, because tomorrow I'm leaving for Holland (to stay at my parents), and then I'll be leaving for Tajikistan {wiki is here}. I'll be staying there for nearly a month to do fieldwork for my thesis*. I don't know if I'll have any opportunity to blog about it while I'm there, so I scheduled a couple of posts to keep you company.

I hope to see you soon!

* I know I promised no uni, but my thesis is important. And for those of you who are really curious, it's about the effects of urban agriculture on poverty and food security in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Reupholster Project - Part 9

After finishing the top, we started on the bottom today. We sanded down the front feet, and got paint-remover for the round back feet (sanding was impossible due to the shape). After cleaning them and dusting them off we applied the primer. I hope we can finish them tomorrow so we can finish the chair!

This is the paint remover, don't think I'm just painting over the old paint.

After our painting escapade we stapled the bottom parts and a new dust cover to the chair.

And finally, I wanted to show you what we used to fill up the arm rests and the seat (the part under the removable cushion). Yes, those are oven hood filters! They were the only thing we had handy and they are pretty practical to work with. 

And another teapot

This morning we went to the second hand shop again. Yes, I know we shouldn't, but we did anyway. We came home with a chair, pot, books, basket and this modern tea set. I think I'm a little in love with it!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Reupholster Project - Part 8

Yesterday evening we finished reupholstering the seat, and we (aka Tom) managed to get everything back together again. With the wing chair together with the cushion are looking really amazing! What is left to do is replace the dustcover on the bottom, sand and paint the feet and place everything back together again!


This tree is behind our apartment.

This is what we saw when we looked outside looking for our cat!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

DIY Passport Cover

Next week I'm leaving for Tajikistan. I've got my visa and passport ready to go. But if I will be taking my passport all over the place it should be protected against squished bananas and leaky coffee. The stores in the neighbourhood did not have a solution, so I had to make one myself.

First I cut off a piece of plastic tablecloth, about the size of the passport, but with some extra space on the sides to make flaps.

Then I sewed in the flaps, to fit the document exactly. 

And this is what I ended up with. Not bad eh! I'm wondering what the customs officers will think of it.They probably won't approve at all.

Reupholster Project - Part 7

This afternoon I finished the cushion of the chair. I made it in such a way that the cover can be removed and washed if necessary. I hope we can more or less put together the chair this evening when Tom is back from work.