Wednesday, December 19, 2012

DIY - Suitcase Chair

Great eh?! I made it when I was still living in my basement in Brussels. Everything (except for the screws) is either given to me (chair legs) through freecycle, or found in the streets (the suitcase, and cushions). I really don't know how I got all the pieces together, but somehow they fit nicely  To add some extra support I had to fit some extra poles in between the legs, next time I'll probably rethink the way I put the legs in (even with extra support they are still weak). Inside the suitcase I placed a thick slab of wood, and attached the legs with a single (perhaps that's the problem) screw through the case into the thick slab of wood. Next I fitted in the non-stinky parts of an old mattress and wrapped them with a clean white sheet. Add a cute little pillow.. and voila!

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