Sunday, December 30, 2012

Foodie - Oliebollen!

For as long as I remember my grandmother has made oliebollen for old years eve. She would make buckets of dough and together with the neighbors fry them in the barn. During the day friends and family would come by to help out and stuff themselves with oliebollen. At the end of the day my grandmother would bring some by the elderly and disabled in the village. Unfortunately my grandmother is getting older and older and the tradition is running to it's end.

If we weren't in The Netherlands during old years eve my mum would make oliebollen for us and our neighbors and/or for the embassy party.

Now that I have had exams in January for the last four years (this year is no exception I'm afraid  I haven't been able to go home for oliebollen. However two years ago my grandmother trusted me with the recipe, since then we have been continuing the tradition! Including this year...

Oliebollen á la grandma

1/2 kg flour
30 gr yeast
1/2 l milk
35 gr soft butter
35 gr sugar
1/2 lemon juice and rind
1 egg
10 gr salt
75 gr sultanas (optional)
1 sour apple (optional)

Mix the egg with the butter and complement it with the milk until you reach 1/2 liter  Add the rest and leave to rise on a warm spot for 45-60 min. 
Drop little balls of the mixture into the fryer with two spoons (or an ice cream scoop) and fry them for 5-7 minutes (they will turn automatically when one side is done, if not help them out a little.

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