Friday, February 22, 2013

DIY Teapot Birdhouse

Do you remember the teapot birdhouse I mentioned two days ago? And do you remember my shopping spree in the second hand shop where I was looking for a teapot? You can guess what I've been up to!

This is the teapot (1.50 €) I bought at the second hand shop. Although I would have preferred a more kitsch one with some gold and flowers this was the only one they had. In the end it did not even turn out to be such a bad choice.

When I finally figured out how to operate my Christmas present Dremel (thanks Tom < 3) I drilled a hole in the bottom with a diamond bit. At first the drilling didn't go so well (it sounded like the dentist), but then I remembered reading somewhere that you should add a little water to the porcelain surface you are drilling, and it flew through. 

At around 2.5 m we had a lonely and useless peg in the wall outside that looked perfect for the new birdhouse. With a little wiggling and enlarging the hole it even fit! And look how cute it is (the fake bird (aka geocache) for the pictures was Toms brilliant idea)!!!

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