Friday, February 01, 2013

Reupholstering the couch - Before

This is our couch. I hate it! We bought it for 30€ in a second hand shop when we were in desperate need of a couch. It sits and lies great but I absolutely hate the cover. Once upon a time they were black, but the previous owners left it out in the sun. The result is horrifying. 

So, I tried staining it 'olive green', and failed. I misjudged the absorbentness off the covers and the couch turned out even worse than it already was. 

Even Tom did not mind reupholstering it. So, yesterday evening we went to Ikea to get some sturdy fabric. We came away with 2,5 m each of Frederika and Minna, total cost 22,25€. 

This morning I took the ugly covers off and what came out was not that bad!!

Keep in mind if you are doing this that you don't:
- only measure once (and cut twice)
- prick your finger with every pin you put in
- sew back to back
- let the cat help

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