Wednesday, July 03, 2013

The Throne

Uni-Therapy: The Throne 1
Last Saturday we went to the thrift shop (I know we shouldn't), and bought this God awful chair. For the moment we have dubbed it ‘The Throne’, just until we find a new cover and a new name. Yup, it’s our new project!

Just as a fun anecdote, the chair was priced at 35€, but after the cashier mistyped it, and we found some money between the cushions (not kidding here), we ended up with a 6€ discount. Not bad eh.


JulesinTO said...

That is a gorgeous chair! It's unusual (rare) with intricate carved woodwork. Please don't paint the wood. It just needs a good cleaning. Amazing buy!

Lieke said...

Thanks for the comment, we're not planning to paint a thing. Just new foam and a good cover.