Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thesis and door knobs

Now that I have more or less finished my thesis (just waiting for my promoter to check it a last time) I have the feeling I’m free again! Whoohooo!! This morning I went shopping with my new found freedom. To be honest I always go to the same stores, but hey, they have a lot. My hands-off favourite store is the Action (I promise this is not a sponsored post – I whish it was though). It has a huge amount of stuff, all cheaper than in other stores, and best of all they often change their products. This morning I found the coolest doorknobs. Just look how cute they are.

Uni Therapy: door knobs

For now, I’ll keep them in the closet.. waiting for the next project that calls for cute knobs. Oh, before I forget they were only 1.40€! That is the price of a single boring knob in any other store.

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