Thursday, September 05, 2013

The house update

After four very long days of sawing and hammering we (Tom, his parents, and me) managed to get all the appropriate holes and trenches in the right walls. Now we just have to wait for the electrician to show up and bless us with electricity.

Funny story, one only ‘strong’ power outlet in the living room turned out to be attached to a cable that originated in an outlet in the attic. From there the cable did the grand tour of the attic, left through the roof, went down behind the gutter pipe, and finally became the socket in the wall of the living room.

Uni Therapy © 2013

Uni Therapy © 2013

Because of the bad state of the floor tiles, and the fact that they were placed into the dirt directly, we decided to go for a new floor. Either tomorrow or this weekend we’ll be going floor-shopping. Still, the remainder of the tiles still have to be taken out, and the rooms have to be dug out in order to poor in a new under floor.

Furthermore, while we were cutting into the walls, we found out that on top of the bricks was a thick (1-3 cm) layer of clay mixed with straw and animal hair. For now we’re still not sure what to do about it. By now two plasterers have come by to give their opinion. One sais to leave it on and fix a layer of woven wallpaper (they have a smooth version of that too) on top. The other sais to take it off and plaster the walls again. Since all the fixtures that are custom made for the room, the new layer of plaster will have to have the same thickness as they layer of clay. Besides, the latter option will probably be a lot more costly than the former.  We’ll just have to wait and see I guess.

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