Wednesday, January 23, 2013

DIY (Banksy) Wall Stencils

I found this amazing stencil (or so they claim) on They did not say where it came from and I've been unable to find the actual stencil online. But still, wouldn't this be absolutely perfect in a washing room? Just over the washers and dryers?

I'm sure this is nearly impossible to stencil, and if I want it bad enough I will have to draw it on. Anyway I've been looking into stenciling and how to do it in a most cost effective way. The first thing is to find a pattern or picture you really want on your wall. Print it, blow it up/shrink it to the size you need. Then place something see through and sturdy (see through binder, binding covers, etc) on top of the picture you need. Trace it and cut it! Now comes the difficult part, sticking it to the wall with painters tape and making sure it is straight!! Then dab paint on it, remove the stencil carefully and let it dry. Clean the stencil or rub it down for the next stencil so you won't get any blobs of paint where you don't want them.

For more stencil ideas take a look at the the Etsy page of Cutting Edge Stencils {here} or for more info on the how to take a look at {this} article on all things thrifty.

P.S. It turns our that this is a Banksy, and that you can get the stencils {here}. The fact that it is a Banksy copy lets me love it even more!!!

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