Thursday, January 10, 2013

Foodie - Oatmeal-coconut cookies with cranberries

These look so delicious! We will be trying them out this weekend! The original recipe {here} is in Dutch.

24 pieces
25 min, 30 min to prepare, wait 180 min

200 gr oatmeal
25 gr butter, melted
4 tbsp honey
1 cup shredded coconut
1 tsp baking powder
3 tbsp dried cranberries
50 gr chocolate extra pure 72%

baking paper

1. Preheat the oven to 190 ° C. Mix the oatmeal, butter, honey, coconut, baking powder and 1 pinch of salt in a bowl. Add 125 ml of hot water and knead to a smooth dough. Knead the cranberries through.
2. Roll 24 balls the size of a walnut. Flatten them and place them on baking paper. Bake in about 25 minutes until golden brown in the oven. Let cool completely (1 hour).
3. Melt the chocolate au bain-marie. Zigzag with a spoon the melted chocolate over the cookies. Let harden (2 hours).

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