Sunday, January 27, 2013

Homemade Bird Food Cups

With the continuing snow and freeze birds have been having quite a hard time finding food. Most people (me included) put some bird food outside. It turns out you can make it yourself too! And you can make it very stylish!

The recipe is simple:
500 gr. Fat (I used frying fat)
500 gr. Bird Seed
4-6 Cups

Melt the fat and add the bird seeds. Pour the mixture in the cups (I got four from the second hand shop for 30 ct. a piece) and wait until it hardens again. If some seeds start floating you can stir the mixture in the cups a final time before it really hardens.

You can put the cups on the ground to accommodate larger birds, or you can hang them my the ear with some ribbon to feed the smaller birds.

If you decide to hand them you could put in a little stick before it hardens, so that the little birds have something to sit on while they enjoy your homemade bird food cups!


candyfloss-doll said...

Those are actually really beautiful; cups for 30ct!

candyfloss-doll said...

Those are really beautiful cups for 30ct.