Monday, January 14, 2013

How I study for exams

Yes, this is a little bit off topic and I know I promised no uni stuff. But still, this is important, so listen up!

Besides entertaining the cat, neighbors and Tom, I also run a household... ow yeah, and I have to study for my exams (still 3 to go in the next two weeks). With my need to concentrate a lot I have been figuring out ways to eliminate distractions. My distractions are pretty clear to me, at the very top of my list is the internet, followed by staring out the window, teasing the cat, fidgeting with clutter, making too much tea/coffee and consequently using the toilet every 15 min.

This is how I try to eliminate distractions:

  • Turn of the internet
  • Stop blogging
  • Clutter free work space
  • Place cat outside + add food
And to ensure a continuous work flow:
  • Have a fixed study space that is not associated with other activities
  • Stick to a study routine
  • Have scheduled regular breaks
  • Look for rewards and incentives
And last but not least, let people know you are studying so they can not invite you to all the fun and distracting things you want to go to. Yeah, I know, studying sometimes is a real bitch. But it's all for you and a better future. So, TURN OFF your computer and hit those books!!

Good luck everyone!!

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