Friday, March 01, 2013

DIY Dog Scarf

A couple of days ago I told you I made the cutest dog scarf and sent it to my little dog back home. Today at arrived and my mum made this photo of Fidele wearing it!! Isn't she cute??

As I promised my tutorial for this cute DIY.

Start knitting :-) I used a ribbed pattern (knit two, purl two) as you can see below. This knitting pattern does not curl up at the edged. However it does pull everything together to make it nice and thick and warm. Knit enough so that it fits comfortably around your dogs neck, and you can still fold/loop one end and pull the other through.

When you finished your knitting part loop one end of your scarf to fit the other end through and sew (the loop) together. I used the yarn I used for the scarf and a crochet hook to sew it together. Wrap it around your dog and go for a lovely walk in the freezing outdoors!

If you have any questions please email me or comment below.

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