Sunday, March 24, 2013


Busy weekend, but I'll quiet down during the week..

There is one wall in our place that Lieke has always had trouble with. "I want to decorate it, but I don't know how. Cupboards wouldn't fit." So I looked in her archives and found something she liked.

As I didn't see myself painting the wall, and there might be future renters in our place, I used a pencil. HB 0 for the people who care, because I believe someone once told me it gives off the dark stuff more readily. I'm sure a regular pencil would work just as well though.

The image I downloaded from the banksy website, put it in powerpoint so I could maximise it on my screen. Then I used a beamer to project the image onto the wall (close the curtains), so I could just colour in what I saw.

Beamer setup

Danger lurking, and also very curious about what's going to happen

Of course there was music, and this just fit perfectly for a while.

Beaming the image

Colouring the wall

Shading the beamer so I can see it works
View halfway with shading
And here is the result after two hours; I hope she approves..

My pencil got shorter than the others in the packet.. but one pencil was still plenty.

In closing, lessons learnt:
  • don't move the beamer, so get the cat outside
  • have a strong arm to hold the pencil high
  • pencils are fun because if you make a mistake, you can get an eraser
  • flat wallpaper works better than the wrinkly stuff we have, but this is also nice
  • images are not black and white, pencils allow shading, yay!
  • draw from left to right if you're right-handed. I didn't, and got some smudges (which I erased)

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