Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wall clock

Saw the post from Lieke about wanting a wall clock, so I went to the second hand shop and bought me some supplies.

I didn't get the piece of wood for the background, and I didn't paint, but I got something that I think works just as well:

Isn't he cute?
I also bought an old clock, hoping it would still work (and it did):
Ugly thing
In step 1 I unscrewed everything, so the lid came off and I had the clock itself:
Looks better without the lid than with...

Motor and hand, just pull them off
 In step 2 I superglued the motor part to the back of the painting, after having made a small X-incision in the center with a cutter:
Glue the clock, not your fingers
 And the finished result:
Tick tock

Hung it in the bathroom, since it fits
 After having hung it, I took off the hand for the seconds, since it was ticking very loudly. Who needs detailed timing anyway?

Pretty easy to do, and not all that bad looking either!

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